HopeAgain and Stashed EcoSystem Kickoff

Over 6200 U.S. Veterans took their own lives last year. 17 every day. That’s 17 too many. Our heroes need help.

The Veteran 1M Story Initiative

If one story can save and change lives, imagine what 1,000,000 can do? HopeAgain kicks off with an audacious goal of capturing 1M microstories from thousands of vets and their families. Each photo represents a memory that will be lost if we don’t roll up our sleeves and get to work recording them. We connect the youth in this effort of interviewing, capturing, and curating the stories, which can impact their lives for the better as they see what their predecessors have gone through. We accomplish this through three primary legs of Tools, Technology, and Services.

How to get 1M stories

We need positive, healing and uplifting energy injected into our Human Family. Nothing is more powerful than compassion, understanding, love, and forgiveness. Our mission is to catalyze this by bringing human hearts together and inspiring a whole lot of hugging, handholding, tears, and release. We all can do our part. We’ll bring boots on the ground and an army of service and restoration.

SHOTBOX Story Capture Tools

Saving and improving lives with Family History and the Spirit of Elijah.

Stashed Technology

Healing the world one story at a time.

HopeAgain Services

Our driving passion is to enable individuals to tell their stories while the world needs them and before it’s too late.

What is a Microstory?

Activating Youth

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